Member Eligibility Definition

Optional Term Life All active members in good standing and who are under age 65

Effective Date Of Coverage

First day of the month following enrollment

Guarantee Issue Amounts

Optional Life: Up to $50,000 Member Only

Waiver of Premium (Life Plan)

Does not apply

Accelerated Benefit Option (Life)

90% up to $100 Optional Life, Life expectancy 6 Months. Applies to Active Members Only.

Life Exclusions

2 year suicide exclusion applies

Exposure and Disappearance Benefit**

% of Principal sum consistent with type of loss

Termination of Coverage

Coverage terminates:
When membership ends
Member at age 80


Does not apply

Life Conversion

Optional Term Life: Applies (member and dependent)

Effective Date of Benefit reductions, Termination, Changes in Age Band rates due to Member or Dependent Aging

Member Only
Age 65 – 65% of current coverage amount
Age 70 – 50% of coverage amount in force at age 64
Age 75 – 25% of coverage amount in force at age 64
Coverage terminates at age 80

This product may not be available in all states.

AD&D Not available in PA.

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